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Enterprise Analytics

Bridging cloud-based analytics and disparate data sources in the cloud and on-premises can require time-consuming, complex data movement processes. Eliminate the complexity by providing secure, governed self-service access to data across your landscape so analysts can discover datasets, explore them, collaborate, and share knowledge for faster cloud-based analytics.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Your AI and ML are only as good as the data you feed it. Datameer products give your data science and analytics teams access to more data and the ability to share knowledge on how to best use the data. It will improve data science precision and provide governance and auditability to ensure you meet growing regulatory controls.

Self-Service Data Access

Bridging on-premises and cloud/SaaS data sources usually require time-consuming data engineering, meaning your analysts wait to get the data they need. Eliminate the wait by allowing analysts to get the data they need as they need it, in a governed manner, letting them discover, explore, collaborate, and share knowledge for faster analytics.

Self-Service ETL Pipeliness

Typical ETL requires coding, making it time-consuming and resource-intensive, forcing teams to wait for data, and driving data engineering costs. Let your analyst teams create their robust ETL pipelines without any coding and allows them to get to what they do best – analysis swiftly.

ETL Built For MDM

Modern ETL migration patterns built for performance and scalability. 

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